A Pottery Feast
Collective performance and permanent installation, Lisbon, 2017

Handmade glazed terracotta, dinner, dinner guests, speeches, smashing tableware, collecting shards, cement, chicken wire, wooden board, privat terrace

The myth goes that the Marquis of Fronteira once invited the King of Portugal to celebrate the inauguration of his new home, the Palace of Fronteira. He treated him with the best food in the world, and he made his servants bring the food and drinks from the finest porcelain shipped from China and which had never been used before. After the dinner – maybe as a sign of his wealth and power, as a furious reaction, or maybe even as an absurd action provoked by the alcoholic beverages – the Marquis got up and smashed all the priceless porcelain from which they had been served. Subsequently he ordered his servants to pick up the pieces and have them inset in the wall in one of the caves in his adventurous garden.*

* Recall of story told by the guide at the Palace de Fronteira during a visit in 2017

The dinner was held in a privat terrace in Lisbon, with eight guests and eight sets of tableware (big plate, small plate, big cup, small cup, wine jugs, water jugs, vases, bawls and serving plates). After the dinner, the invited guests were ordered to smash their plates, and the shards from the feast were later used for a permanent wall decoration at the same terrace. 

Special thanks to the dinner guests