Et in Arcadia Ego (Seks Karyatidefletninger)
Commision for Store Heddinge skulpturpark, 2018

Limestone from Faxe Kalkbrud

At the Erechteion temple on Akropolis, Athens, six so called Caryatids were placed at the entrance. They worked both as columns as well as impressive sculptures. Their weekest point were their narrow, female necks; they simply didn’t correspond to the heavy weight of the temple.

The stoneworkers solution was to give them beautiful, intricate hairstyles.

The sculpture was made during a symposium at Stevns Klint, for the occasion of the Unesco World Heritage listing. The sculpture was carved from soft lime stone from the nearby quarry, Faxe Kalkbrud, and refers to both the myth of the caryatids, the fall of the cliff underneath Højerup church in 1928, as well as Karen Blixens’ short story Karyatiderne – en ufuldent historie.