Vado a Tentoni
Installation and performance at the Danish Institute in Rome, 2018

Linoleum print and gouache on praying flags made from the institutes’  worn out curtains, poetry reading, newspaper (text and digital print on paper), launch of newspaper, serving of thematic snacks

The poet, activist and film director Pier Paolo Pasolini wrote the poem Le Ceneri di Gramsci (The asches of Gramsci) as a hymn to the founder of the italian communist party, Antonio Gramsci, and to his own religious, political and existential ambiguity.

Vado a Tentoni begins, just as the poem of Pasolini, at the English cemitary in Testaccio, Rome, and walks through hundreds of accumulated shards from roman amphoras on the Monte Testaccio hill and all the way up to Villa Borhese; dwelling at the role of the artist in the modern (capitalistic) society.

Vado a Tentoni (Sound Cloud)
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