Desire in the Museum / Museum of Desire
Installation for the group show Neste, Näste, Næste at Seilduken, Oslo

Plasterboards, stained wood, laserburned plasterboard tile, fragment from temporary fresco (from the exhibition Giornata), filler, table, launch of newspaper (text and digital print on paper), white and grey marble from Alentejo

A tile inset in a wall – is it a wall carrying a tile?; A relationship; A museum; Some sort of hierachy?

The installation Desire in the Museum / Museum of Desire started with a visit at the Gulbenkian museum in Lisbon. The antique tiles in the collection were plastered into the free standing walls. The display of the museum took over from the works on view. 

The desire of melting together – as well as the will to stand out – is lying somewhere inbetween the objects. From the marble column to the burned plasterboard tile, to the intarsia stone, to the newspaper, to the free standing walls, to the loophole, to the fresco-fragment, to the outer wall.

Photos by Istvan Virag

Hensat (Essay, 2018)