Desire in the Museum / Museum of Desire
Installation for the group show Neste, Näste, Næste at Seilduken, Oslo, 2018

Composite plasterboards, stained wooden beams, tile cut out from plasterboard (turned upside down, laser burned with figuration from fresco fragment and set into the same plasterboard), loophole through plasterboards, fragment from fresco (from the exhibition Giornata) set into permanent wall, filler, mdf plate, table legs, newspaper (text and digitalprint on paper), white and grey marble from Alentejo, launch of newspaper

The installation Desire in the Museum / Museum of Desire began with a visit to the Fundacão Calouste Gulbenkian in Lisbon. The museum’s collection of antique tiles were plastered into the free standing plaster walls – and the display of the museum ended up becoming prior to the exhibited ceramic works themselves.

The installation departs from the desire of melting together – as well as the will to exhibit. It’s lying somewhere in between the relations of the objects; from the marble column to the laser burned plaster tile, to the intarsia stone to the newspaper, to the freestanding walls to the loophole, to the fragment of the fresco from a preexisting artwork.

Photos by Istvan Virag

Hensat (Essay, 2018)