Public installation at Ikast Library, DK
September 2022

Photos by Mikkel Kaldal


‘Giornata is the Italian word for ‘day’ in it’s stretched form. Oftentime the word will be used in the context of work, effort or process (’giorno’ = ‘day’ ; ‘giornata’ = ‘day’s work’) But the word is also used specically as an artistic term: when large fresco paintings come into being, the amount of the wall that is plastered up and painted during one day is aslo called a ‘giornata’. Thereby concepts such as time, space, work and value are allowed to converge in this particular Italian frase.

The work GIORNATA #15 by Sofie Amalie Andersen, consisting of a neon sign on the facade of Ikast Library (DK), was inaugurated in the company of the litterary newspaper GIORNATA #14 which was delivered to all households in the local area preceding the inauguration. The two works internally references each other and question the nature of work itself – and how it relates to the very concepts through which we structure our world.

Ikast is a central part of Danish economic and cultural history and will therefore, together with Sofie Amalie Andersen’s visual and litterary art work, point towards the UN world goal of Decent Work and Economic Growth.


Text from the inauguration of GIORNATA #15 & #14 in the context of the project ‘Verdensmålsgavlene i Midtjylland’