Exhibition at Akademirommet, Oslo 2018

Temporary fresco on freestanding wall, text about the word ‘giornata’ and the difference between the words ‘gemalt’ and ‘bemalt’ used in the German translation of Inger Christensen's novel The Painted Room

For the exhibition Giornata the mobile wall of the gallery was covered by a monumental fresco. After the exhibition period the fresco was demolished.

The word ‘giornata’ can approximately be translated to the term ‘working day’ and is a word that simultaneously refers to time and work. The word is still today used in fresco-lingo; where one ‘giornata’ illustrates the area of a fresco that the painter have accomplished during one day – before the fresh mortar becomes dry.

* Akademirommet, where the work was created and exhibited, was during the so-called ‘fresco-era’ in Norway in the 1930’s the fresco workshop of the Oslo Art Academy. Per Krohg, whom later became a professor at the art academy, has painted the famous fresco in the same building  (Kunstnernes Hus), called The Artist’s Thorny Path to the Heights (1932)

Photos by Eva Rosa Hollup