Temporary fresco for solo exhibition at Akademirommet

Temporary fresco on free standing wall

In an article about the novel The painted room by Danish author Inger Christensen, the journalist refers to a conversation he had had about the german translation of the book. The story circles around the italian renaissance painter Andrea Mantegna and his celebrated fresco work in the bedroom of the Duke of Mantua. In the novel of Inger Christensen, the painter himself never becomes the narrator, but his work in it self functions as a sort of main character. The translator told the journalist that he had two options when translating the word “painted”. One (gemalt) that describes an action, while the other (bemalt) describes a condition; one refers to the making and the other to the current situation. 

For the exhibition Giornata, the free standing and mobile gallery wall became completely covered by a fresco made during five days of work (cinque giornate) – whereafter it was on view for ten more days, and thereafter demolished.

The first edition of the newspaper Giornata was published succeedingly.

Photos by Eva Rosa Hollup

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